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June 28, 2018


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Who will keep GOP candidates safe from the threatening Marxist protestors during this years campaign. Can you imagine how brutal the campaign trail will be? Somebody's going to get hurt.


The left has become anarchists – incipient and outright. Every day a new cause is whipped up. Not just by the day but also by the hour and minute. Now I.C.E. is the enemy and cause célèbre – tyrant to forlorn refugees who have a right to enter this country free of scrutiny and never having to fear deportation. That is in the broken minds of the left who demand elimination of I.C.E.

How long did it take for outrage to seethe towards Trump following yesterday’s shooting and murders in Maryland? Meer minutes. Outrage created and spewed by left media pundits and Twitter aficionados suffering from derangement syndrome.

Today the outcry is to take up even more and stronger resistance. Outcry from Michael Moore and Hillary Clinton currently being reported. Fortunately Maxine Waters has found a burrow to crawl into while she claims she’s a target of a death threat.

It is going to get worse before it gets better. But while law enforcement is busy arresting an affable demonstrator tossing chicken manure in the general direction of a recently notorious restaurant in Lexington, Virginia don’t count on people hiding their faces behind bandannas or Guy Fawkes masks being stopped from doing true bodily harm and property damage.


When you fight back the libs whimper and complain of being bullied. It's as if they're all sissy men and swooning dilettantes who don't know how to defend themselves, so they just get louder and louder hoping it will scare us. Nope!

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