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July 17, 2018


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I can't wait until Kavanaugh is confirmed. With luck Ginsburg will step down before Trump leaves office.


My concern with the future of SCOTUS rests in what might happen when Democrats – and whatever form of Democrats might exist under that name – control both houses and the presidency. “When” not if. That will happen because it’s a fact of life the way the political pendulum swings.

It’s not far-fetched that Dems will try to resurrect FDR’s 1937 attempt to rewrite law and allow for more associate justices and pack SCOTUS. If that were to happen we’d have our own modern day version of the Third Reich’s “People’s Court” with the likes of Roland Freisler and Madame Defarge releasing the hounds of miscarried justice.


Good point about FDR expanding SCOTUS years ago. I share your fear of the Dems getting control of the 3 branches of gov't. When that happens virtually everything Trump has accomplished will go down the drain, along with democracy as we've known it for 240 years.

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