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July 29, 2018


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Thanks to the anonymous contributor who provided this piece. Very interesting and very plausible considering Russia’s history. Another thanks for nudging me to ordering a book I’ve had on my wish list – “Day of the Oprichnik”. It’s now on my tablet and will start reading it this evening.

What started with Peter's post, then Legion's and now this goes to show there's value in studying and learning Russia. Not reacting to fallacious screeching and screed instigated by a sore loser Nov 09, 2016.


I studied Russian History in college. My professor was a retired CIA operative and he had a completely different perspective of Russia than the Cold War politicians. We became friends and there were many evenings when we sat over drinks while he shared stories of his time in Russia. He emphasized that Russia is the most often invaded country in history. It's no wonder the Russians are so skeptical and always think strategically and far into the future, which is what Putin has done.


The Navy put me in Naval Intel Group and sent me to Russian language school in DC many years ago, but this is the first time I've heard the word oprichnik. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing that.


According to Google the Putin family is one of the original 1,000 families appointed as the Oprichnina by Tsar Ivan IV, AKA: Ivan the Terrible. Vladimir Putin's father was a General of the NKVD. They have always been members of the Russian Orthodox Church. Tons of clout going way back.

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