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July 19, 2018


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The analogy of a pillow vs a knife is right on the money. If Trump does have the second meeting he better have Pompeo, Kelly and Mattis in the room the whole time. That will keep the murdering scumbag at bay. Then maybe we'll have a productive discussion.


Reminds me of FDR meeting with Stalin in Yalta. Tho I was too young to remember, I have read a great deal about it. I'd warn Trump not to make FDRs mistake. Even though Churchill warned him about "Uncle Joe", he still thought Joe was a good and honorable friend. He wasn't worried about communism, heck he said some of his best friends were commies. As a result of his naïveté, Stalin took possession of Poland, East Germany, Hungary and the rest of east Europe. Millions were trapped in a cruel, savage Stalin led Soviet Union. To assure east Germany's obedience, the infamous Berlin Wall was built. Consider Putin no more trustworthy than was Stalin until he proves otherwise. Luckily, Trump is not naive nor ignorant when it comes to dealing with adversaries.


President Trump should add DNI Coates to the list of people to join him in the room next time he meets with Putin. If he goes it alone again that will confirm egotistical stubbornness.

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