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July 03, 2018


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A small example of parallax view suffered by the T.D.S. afflicted:



What rational person would want their children to share their incarceration? Let them go to Foster Care. This is an idiotic argument and the goverment is wrong to cater to them.


I think the last sentence in Peter's blog sums up Trump's method of dealing with fake news, fake news makers, and brain dead lefties who blindly follow the Marx manifesto.


I fear Trump is going to wind up with a huge migrant tent city while liberal lawyers delay the hearings.


We're a people who've created a generation of anti-Americans who would rather sheepishly follow Emir Hussein Obama and his OFA "transformers" than follow a president who wants to restore America to greatness. Not only wants to, but in fact is actually doing it in spite of the far left Marxists who are committed to destroying him, and all of us who share his vision. My generation has seen the inspiring exceptionalism and greatness of America. This newer generation will witness it's destruction.

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