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September 07, 2018


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Reading a few snippets from the purported high-ranking staffer crying out to the NY Times brought to mind numerous emails I’ve received that bear similarities. We’ve all seen them. Often crude attempts at stirring the pot. They usually go something like this:


Received this email written by a real hero who has the knowledge and guts to speak the truth. Read this and forward it to everyone you know, have ever known or might know in the future!

I am an anonymous Senior Chief Petty Officer who earned my Combat Infantryman Badge while serving with the French Foreign Legion during Operation Jungle Fever on the battlefields of McMurdo, Antarctica. I proudly wear my CIB below my Air Force Distinguished Service Medal………………………… so that’s why I hate (fill in the name/cause being hated across the country at the moment). SEMPER FI!

Pass it on!!!!!

Ahhh – anonymity.


I listened to some of Obama's speech at U of I today, as much as I could stomach. My money is on Obama as the instigator of the phony NYT op-ed purporting to be written by a Trump insider. It was obviously intended to disrupt the Trump team and make them suspicious of each other. It appears to have worked. The phantom leaker is now in Trump's mind and is pushing out other thoughts. The democrats must be overjoyed at the results!


Of course the Times made it up, just like the majority of their stories about Trump or his friends. It would make no sense for an insider doing dirty tricks to advertise it, even anonymously. It's just more "fake news."


What's difference between the Op Ed and the Dossier? Both are part of the leftist democrats coup to regain total power/control to fulfill Hussein's vow to "transform" this country into an authoritarian Marrxist state.....with them in power...of course. God help us! Please!


Refering to the NYT op-ed, examine the syntax and style of the writing compared to Obama's writing. It appears that Obama either wrote it, or participated in the writing of it. Other dems may have been involved, but this is Obama's baby and not a Trump insider.

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