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September 09, 2018


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Thanks for sharing......


I'm sure your wife is proud of her heritage and I applaud her. It has always been a mystery to me that conservatives have been mistakenly associated with NAZIs. Conservatives and NAZIs are polar opposites. This misunderstanding is not isolated to millenials, it goes back at least as far as the Nixon era. The democrats used it to vilify certain GOP candidates and thereby create confusion in the minds of the voters. It's insane, but it worked occasionally and that was enough to keep it in the dems arsenal of dirty tricks.


So, are Bernie Sanders and Ocasia-what's her name both just like Nazis?


No 1or2 people are going to turn us into Nazis. However, allowing the left to fulfill their goal of transforming this country from a democracy into a socialist one party dictatorship will. The leftists have made giant inroads into putting their revolutionary coup into motion. They have gained major control of education, judiciary, entertainment, media, and looking like even social media. People like Cortes and Bernie are the first who have publicized their goal.


PS: they're not about to give up now.


It's like Margaret Thatcher said, Socialism works until you run out of other people's money.


We visited Poland abt 20 years ago. They've made a lot of progress since the Soviet days but still the poverty was obvious. The beautiful architecture of the 14-15th centuries was in ruins. There just wasn't money enough to save and restore these treasures. We visited a family who lived in a large apartment complex that still showed signs of WWII. There were 3 generations living in their 3 BR unit. (7 family members). Ironically it was the same unit they were living in when my wife left there in 1972. If our millennials want to know what socialism was like, they should visit Aushwitz.

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