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September 29, 2018


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The democrats have sunk to an all time low. Bloomenthal actually makes the bile rise in my throat and I'm glad I'm not there in person or I'd be slapping him across the face. I predict that Kavanaugh will be confirmed. If not, then Trump will nominate a woman and the term "Borked" will changed to "Kavanaughed".


It's amazing how the dumocrats continue to run the DC Sewer Treatment facility even after the GOP wins the House, the Senate and the WH. Trump has done wonders, even with the RINOs siding with the corrupt left. Prediction? Even if the repubs win, they lose.


Politics has always been a dirty business, but the democrats have found what they believe is a winning formula: line up a cadre of women willing to lie for the cause, then unleash them on any republican target of their choosing. In the court of pubic opinion, people tend to erroneously believe that a female "victim" would not lie about something so personal as a sexual assault.

The vote on Kavanaugh will be close, but if the republicans are relying on any red state democrats, I think they will be disappointed. A red state democrat has to weigh the risk of alienating women voters versus supporting the Trump agenda. In the end, they will say, "I wanted to support Trump, but there were just too many red flags."

Meanwhile, more rats will emerge from the sewer to launch ludicrous claims again Kavanaugh.


They've got him now! The NYT claims during a barroom brawl in 1985 he threw a cup of ice on someone. No way he can ever get out from under a serious charge like this. He's doomed now!!

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