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October 03, 2018


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Well, guess I'll be the one to throw water on the photo. The woman isn't Ford. She's Lyudmyla Kozlovska from Ukrania. She is a Soros accomplice.

Still the tabulation of events is spot-on.



Make no mistake this disasterous confirmation hearing was planned and executed by anti-American Democrats to delay a vote until after they win the midterms. Then they can defeat Kavanaugh and start impeach hearings on Trump. This is an evil, corrupt political party that will do anything to maintain power and control. They will destroy anyone who stands in their way. Soros will pay for the whole sham and the Tass News Agency (mainstream media) will provide all the cover needed to destroy the constitution and our 2-party political system. This is nothing less than a political coup.


If the Congress is so outraged about foreign interference in our elections, why don't they do something about Soros?


Soros has a dual citizenship with Hungary, but my question is, what does it take to have a nationalized citizen lose his American citizenship due to anti-American activities that are designed to destroy our republic? Does a citizenship entitle one to engage in, and pay for, anarchist schemes? By the way, how do you think Obama and his subversive organization fit into these screaming protests?

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