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October 20, 2018


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What the MSM wants is of little consequence. Trump will protect jobs/profits without regard for the MSM. Khashoggi wasn't even a permanent resident of the U.S. so why should we interfere with an internal Saudi matter? King Salmon is embarrassed and he will see that those responsible are punished for that reason alone. If MBS is involved, he will be privately reprimanded and nothing more. That is the Saudi way.


Upon reading Legion’s opening comments …”associated with Washington Post, but he was not an American citizen…” I recognized there would be common sense and veracity in the rest of the writing.

Having a difficult time grasping why a contributing opinion piece writer is being hailed as a “journalist”. Then again his affiliation with Muslim Brotherhood and his family’s wealth accrued through nefarious international weapons trade help me better understand why this guy is on the road to martyrdom.

Oh well, different day - same old sxxt.


We had better take notice of Muslim immigration, including those coming in from Canada and Mexico. (Especially Canada). We don't need Islamic culture, savagery, Jewish hatred, and unGodly shariah law transforming America into an Islamic stronghold. I know that wud please Hussein Obama, but it would cause exactly what they want. ie their chant: "death to America". They cannot obtain total caliphate until "the great satan" is eliminated.


And let's never forget that their number one priority is worldwide caliphate. And they're willing to take hundreds of years and thousands of lives to reach that goal. After all, they've been at it since the 1400s and they haven't given up yet.

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