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October 29, 2018


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Hawkins got it all right. Even though I've lived long enough to know most of this, it is good to have it all written up so well. I can only hope that younger people will read this and be persuaded to become Republicans.


It's hard to argue with Mr Hawkin's list. I suggest there could be another list called dishonorable mentions. I would go out on the limb and start the list by suggesting Jane Fonda. (Talk about treason!). I'm sure you can suggest many other deserving souls to complete the list. Have fun!


Let's not forget the face of the democratic party: Maxine Waters. Especially at this time of year, when people are looking for a scare.


There needs to be an 11th...the mainstream press.


I agree Franklin. The media is the largest, most dishonest and most destructive threat to America's future as a democratic Republic. Unfortunately, the only thing the Snowflake Generation knows is what's on Twitter and Facebook. Both liberal social media outlets.


Franklin and Bogie, "The ten most destructive Americans" means people, not the MSM.


I stand corrected. Sorta.


Actually the biggest threat to America's survival as the greatest country ever devised is.....

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