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October 08, 2018


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The civil war favors the left radicals by an insurmountable amount. The PC movement has destroyed any attempt by the right to go on the offensive without being labeled racist, homophobic or any of the hundreds of other labels dreamed up by the Marxists. On top of that they've got the MSM, unHolywood, judiciary and a Marxist driven educational system pounding the drums for their agenda. And don't overlook the fact that Boomers and Gen-Xers are dying off. With their demise goes patriotism, a proud and productive culture and an on-site presence during the "golden years" of growth and prosperity.


This is why the best investment for your money is guns and ammo.


I think Portland, OR will be the next Fort Sumter....



I can't think of a better or more fitting place for it to start.


A war isn’t fought just on battlefields. It’s better fought by including clandestine efforts which include deep-rooted sources – spies and saboteurs.

Once again we see spies and saboteurs have been in place and well entrenched at yet another Federal agency with announcement of the arrest of Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards – an entrusted employee of FinCEN who at time of arrest possessed a thumb drive with thousands of financial records on individuals. The directory on the drive paints a picture of what goes on in the mind of a criminal like Edwards - "Debacle\Emails\Asshat".

Reports indicate her crime also involves at least one of her higher-ups at FinCEN. Likewise at least one “reporter” at the notoriously leftist BuzzFeed is indicated to be involved. Let’s see how soon and how aggressively DOJ proceeds with a conspiracy prosecution.

I would hope FinCEN data bases included a query tracking system as to what was searched along with by whom and when searched. If so there are likely some prolonged toilet breaks going on at FinCEN at this moment.

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