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November 09, 2018


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The reason? Lack of will....


Change? Two words - Broward County.....


Democrats don't want a voting system they can't rig.


On a lighter note:


It's a safe link - trust me.......


OK, have to admit I’m often slow out of the chutes. Wish I had the take-off speed of some of those great quarter horses I used to watch at Los Alamitos as a kid. Horses like Clabber Bam, Bam’s Clabber and all those other great quarters. But I digress.

Tonight whilst preparing my single man’s repast I had Hannity playing for some background noise. Unusually he wasn’t again shouting about being a four year old apprentice (choose his latest stated field) or six year old gourmet chef in an Irish pub. No, tonight he was shouting and interviewing that great legal mind Pam Bondi – Florida’s soon to be departed attorney general.

Bondi was throwing out more I’s than all the eyes in a sack of potatoes. Bondi is NOW addressing electoral problems in Florida. Not last week, not last month but NOW.

Actually Bondi was too busy last week and last month auditioning for her own spot on Fox. There she was auditioning before the elections all Fox-like with tight red dress hiked up to her thighs as the camera panned out while political arson was simmering in the state she was elected to protect.

Too little, too late Bondi. She exudes the congenital problem with Florida politics. But as I watched I thought it sure will be nice to watch the cat fight between her and Jeanine Pirro on Fox. The cleavage wars are coming. Grab the popcorn and think back to Dick Lane announcing roller derby and wrestling on early 50’s TV. “WHOA, NELLIE!”


Manx: How can you talk about Los Alamitos in the 50s without mentioning Go Man Go?


Good call, Gunny.


How can you mention quarter horse racing without mentioning Ruidoso Downs?


Just imagine what our political system would look like if we outlawed fund raiser bashes, lobbyists paying bribes to political sponges, no more PACs, no more outrageous lies and accusations disguising themselves as campaign ads. Each infraction a felony punishable by mandatory resignation and, if convicted, prison sentences for both parties. Add to that a periodic mandatory audit of all elected officials. If politicians can't be honest on their own, then why shouldn't taxpayers have the right to evict them?


I'd love to see an audit of Pelosi, Waters, Adam Schidt, Shumer and a few hundred other selfish parasites.

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