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December 02, 2018


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What has the white race ever done for America except discover it, settle it, fight the Brits for it, write the most fantastic constitution ever, form the greatest form of gov't and economic system, fight 2 world wars which freed Europe and Japan, come to the aid of every country that has suffered from enviro disasters. I could say more but who under 40 yrs cares.


Then I'll add tour list of pluses, Ernie. Appointing a great current associate justice to SCOTUS who libs tried to lynch over the likes of something to do with a supposed pubic hair on a soda can and other Anita Hill craziness.


Black power and anti-white sentiment combined with white guilt is fostering a lot of this craziness. I wished I could say it will get better, but I see little hope in turning it around.


It's time to book a flight to New Zealand!


With Hollywood, Madison Ave, schools, media all pushing this hate bigoted, homophobic whitey garbage 24/7/365, nothing will stop the drive to eliminate white influence.


Today heads of USA haters on both sides of the 49th Parallel must have exploded at an extent setting off seismometers similar to the recent Alaska earthquake.

Former Canadian PM Brian Mulroney’s stories about he and G.H.W. Bush at 41’s funeral were no less than wonderful. I attribute exploding head’s to Mulroney’s comment about the USA being the greatest democracy in the world. USA haters on both sides of the border – and there are plenty up north - must still be in their safe spaces refusing to come out after hearing Mulroney say that.

Oh, while typing this the Omaha Steaks commercial showing two fat guys swapping spit whilst gifting steaks between themselves just added more validation to Ernie’s theory. Think I’ll have a Budweiser – another villainous corruption inflicted upon our nation by evil white men. Next time we’ll talk about professional sports brought about by white male reprobates – a workplace that’s now pretty much a white minority.

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