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December 21, 2018


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I agree. Trump is money focused. He has never served in a military capacity. He doesn't understand loyalty to and protection of allies. He is ignoring those who do understand. It is a blunder of incalculable proportions. Everything Trump has done, economy, trade, immigration etc. involves money. Greatness does not. Greatness involves honor, respect, loyalty, integrity and the willingness to do the right thing even when there is no profit in it. Trump is acting like a Ferengi.


Chant argue with Manx or Rook. However I do believe Trump is a true patriot who sees wealth as a natural end product of a true capitalistic republic. A major complaint of mine is that he relies on Twitter to explain himself and his policies to the public. I would advise him to have regular TV broadcasts speaking directly, "man to man" to the citizenry on major issues such as Syria, Mattis resignation, border wall, and others. He doesn't seem to recognize that his campaign rally successes would have the same effects in regular "fireside chats" with the public, to coin a phrase. The Twitter thing is no longer enough.

John W.

I think many of us felt Mattis was the anchor to a somewhat erratic Trump, but time will tell the correctness of Trump's movement of troops out of Syria. Perhaps Trump is right in saying he can move Troops from Iraq to Syria if needed.

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