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January 09, 2019


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OK – so I was thinking “If the nasty liberal women in Congress now spouting their filthy mouths not unlike the trashy so-called comediennes littering so-called entertainment get their way and the States go ultra green and electricity becomes manna then where are the buying opportunities?” Whew – what a long-winded sentence. Anyway I had a senior epiphany – COPPER!!!!! Gotta have copper to transmit the power of Mercury since Edison and Westinghouse bankrupted Tesla financially, physically and mentally over his alternative ideas for transmitting electricity.

Hmm, must be some buying opportunities in Cu here in the likes of Butte and Anaconda, MT, Bisbee, AZ and other historic bastions of copper production created by the labor and entrepreneurship of old white men.

NOPE! Copper now comes from shitholes across the world. Guess that will appeal even more to nasty foul-mouthed globalist junior women in Congress.




Read the window sticker on a Nissan Leaf. It has a range of 150 miles. You couldnt drive from Memphis to Nashville without a recharge. I drove one (105 mi) for a dealer last year and was told not to drive over 45 mph in order to conserve electricity. I won't mention the comments and gestures I received from passing motorists. Wonder how long it'll take to complete the Indy 500?

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