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February 16, 2019


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What an astute article. I never watch MSM, but Fox is loaded with shots of the looney left YFCCDS coverage. I doubt that MSM wants their socialist audience to see just how crazy the dumocrat party has become. On the other hand, conservative news DOES want their viewers to see it. Personally I wish Fox wud ignore Ozone-Cortez and her brain dead followers. It's demoralizing for us to see what's happening to this once great country.


Omar shud be glad America no longer practices deportation for treasonous groups who advocate the overthrow of our country. (Islamism for example). The left loves her and "Ozone"-Cortez cause they have the same agenda.


What I don't understant is why Fox would want to give these two ignorant Democrats any coverage at all. Does it rally the base? I think it's repetitive and boring to keep emphasizing how stupid these two Democrats can be. Let's here more real news, like we don't get from the MSM.

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