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February 11, 2019


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Youngesters who love Che Guevara but have no inkling of what a piece of crap he was. Maybe it’s time to start selling Pol Pot t-shirts online. Millenials won’t know about him either but I’ll promote them as cool, edgy and hip. Millenials will buy just about anything online. Same way they’ll buy what they are fed in schools. And not just Millenials but even high school students as well.

It’s cool and hip for a new breed of Congress Critter to call Trump a MF’r. Cool and hip for a new breed of Congress Critter to spew religious hatred whilst wearing her religious garb. Cool and hip to fall and kowtow before the hate-monger Sarsour. Cool and hip to watch an ersatz Mexican named “Beto” getting his teeth cleaned.

Damn, if I weren’t an old white man I’d consider the cool and hip route. Doesn't require experience or an I.Q. Easy peasy.


The Vietnam War protesters of the 1960s were similarly impaired with a lack of reality and pragmatism I call it cognitive dissonance (CD). A large percentage of them continued their schooling and became teacher or instructors in all levels of our educational system. Over the decades they have rewritten history in the minds of the young and impressionable. They were helped along by an evil bias in the media, which helped change history and even rewrite and change current events. The minds of many youngsters today are so skewed with CD that logic, even reality escapes them. Just look at how much the Democratic Party has changed since the elevation of LBJ to the presidency. The USA is truly in peril and people like Trump, as crude and self absorbed as he is, are keeping us afloat.


The Marxist students of the 60s are now in charge of education and information, so nothing is going to change til they find themselves living under the communist govt they created. Maybe then they'll finally learn what brought about the collapse of the USSR. A cynic might say they'll get what they deserve, but I can't help but realize there are lots of US patriots who'll pay the price as well, including my grandkids.


The Marxist students of the sixties created the Marxist students of the eighties, who in turn created the Marxist voters and politicians of today. If something doesn't work, but you keep doing the same thing over and over again: That's insanity!

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