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June 08, 2019


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Very interesting. After focusing on Legion’s bullet points curiosity came into play and jumped over to culling info about current Panama Canal matters. That vital conduit of global commerce and security that was given away by Jimmy Carter is linked in no small way to China’s strategy in the Caribbean.

Let’s play a guessing game:

What country not only operates and even owns ports on both sides of the Canal and along the waterway?

What country is vested in and essentially controlling the alternate canal through Nicaragua?

What country is behind a new canal rail link in Columbia?

These are but a few examples of the well-planned and long-term ventures by the sleeping dragon while Occidentals sleep.


China shows what capitalism can accomplish if unencumbered by a divisive, quarreling and inept bunch of selfish politicians such as we have in our Congress. They have a strategy, they keep their eyes on the goal in the distant future and they don't deviate from it. Our politicians only think as far ahead as the next election, which makes for very short term planning. More like tactics without strategy. Beware the Oriental mind, it is planning YOUR future!


OOPS- Colombia not Columbia. And I won't weasel out and blame spellcheck......


You're right Manx, the Panama Canal is the gateway to the Caribbean for the ChiComs. They should issue a stamp with Carter's picture on it.


China has also managed a near monopoly on rare earth minerals that are essential to the development and manufacture of high technology products. They have a stranglehold on our ability to produce future weapons systems, guidance systems, communications systems, etc. The Defense Dept. is working furiously to find a way of extracting these rarefied minerals from other sources, such as sea water. In terms of long range strategy, this equates to a panic. The Chinese are very definitely planning OUR future!

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