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June 20, 2019


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As I recall several hundred thousand men gave their lives in the Civil War to end slavery.


ANYONE who rationalizes reparations for slavery is stupid and greedy. The only people with legal standing to make such a claim have died decades ago - as have all slave owners. This whole argument is designed solely to distract from President Trump's success in uplifting our economy out of the quagmire of a democrat administration. BTW: Virtually ALL Southern slave owners were DEMOCRATS and Lincoln was a Republican.

Mullah Omar

I wish to complain about Trump. He is so mean and selfish that he has chosen to deny 150 loyal Iranian Republican Guards the right to be martyred for Islam. Has he no mercy?


When do we taxpayers get reparations for the $17T spent into black communities since the BillRights was signed 40+ yrs ago? As a result the "inner cities" are dangerous gang infested, drug infested, criminal infested, welfare recipients who want more and more free stuff; and now reparations for slavery which they have never experienced. God bless all the black citizens who rose up, applied themselves, and took advantage of benefits and opportunities their grandparents could only have dreamed of. Unfortunately, those exhibits of the American Dream are too often hated by their inner city brothers.

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