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July 27, 2019


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When the wave hits in November 2020 these misfits will be toast and the radical left will be shoved aside by more moderate democrats to save the party. It is perfectly obvious to Pelosi and Shumer that socialism will destroy the party if allowed to grow. It will become obvious to the lefties that socialism cannot win.


The 116th Congress - as if Lord Of The Flies meets the Donner Party.


A decline in common sense signals a decline in overall intelligence. The decline could be attributed to the cognitive dissonant left wing radicals interbreeding among themselves for the past few generations, magnifying the effect of their flawed intelligence genes in their gene pool. They are devolving in contradiction to Darwin's evolution process. This would explain why every long held democrat controlled city and state is in a shambles when compared with Republican controlled areas, and why the East and West coasts mirror each other with high taxes and little return. The taxpayers just get homeless encampments, filthy streets, out of control rodent infestations, disease and lower property values. The intellectually impaired voters in democrat controlled areas, as a result of their devolution, just can't seem to figure it out.

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