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August 29, 2019


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Mattis didn't have a major tiff with Trump. It was primarily one issue: withdrawing our troops from Syria. The rest of this hype is all about selling books. Mattis has a pension of a four star general, plus a pension from his time as Secretary of Defense. He shouldn't be selling out to the never-Trumpers just to make a little more money. And I do mean little. In six months his book will be in the discount bin, over-priced at $5.


Four star General James Mattis should have taken his lead from five star General Douglas MacArthur and just "fade away."


UPDATE..... whether anyone gives a rat's ass or not. General Mattis is making the predictable rounds on cable "news". Actually pandering and hawking his new book. Maybe someday people peddling their books on TV "news" shows will have to preface with a disclaimer that their appearances are actually whoring ads.

Regardless, Mattis still isn't trashing Trump. So don't expect to see and hear much, if anything more, on CNN and MSNBC.


I’ll have to wait for Whoopie’s opinion before I can make a judgement. I won’t wait to hear from Ocrazio-Cortez about the WSJ op-Ed cause I don’t think she knows how to read.

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