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September 02, 2019


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Obama is the first president since George Washington to have so many firsts.


We've tried praising Trump for a variety of things: economy, jobs, unemployment rate, stock market highs, etc. But all those things remain ignored by the MSM. Maybe this is a better way to get the point across.


First "black" president who is equally as white as he is "black".


Bill Clinton was the first black presdent.


First president to allow his SecState to sell 20% of a national resource (uranium) to an enemy state for $140M, money which went into her family foundation. First president to support his former SecState for president, after she was found responsible for the death of 4 embassy personnel in Benghazi. (The list is virtually endless, and we haven’t even mentioned “fast & furious”.


First anti-American, Marxist, treasonist Muslim loving president to plot against a republican presidential candidate by lying, spying, and conspiring with foreign agents to create false evidence.

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