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September 20, 2019


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So homeless crisis cities and sanctuary cities are the same? And they're all predominantly democrat? And I suppose the media, even Fox News, hasn't noticed it? Or are they all too afraid of the racist card to report on it? Political correctness has really run amok!


As one who has long witnessed the downward and slippery slope in Seattle I recognize the parallels set forth by Peter. Also inspired by Ernie Pyle’s first-hand accounts of the London Blitz I’ll try to share what I have witnessed.

In 1996 we returned to Puget Sound to rekindle our brief time here in the late ‘60’s – early ‘70’s. Retiring in what was once serene surroundings was our goal. Shortly after settling in a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia was in order. Going back to see Vancouver - what I once believed was the finest city on the West Coast and one of the finest in North America - led to revelation. Vancouver had become an area open to vagrants along with open drug use and their collateral crimes. That only got worse and visiting Vancouver became a very low priority.

At the same time Seattle still retained an appealing image - especially to tourists. But at the same time a spell of darkness was encroaching. Illegal drugs had long been a problem here. Marijuana and hashish were the drugs of choice my first go-round here. Upon return methamphetamine was the choice. And with meth there was heroin to counter the effects of the former. Meth was then home brewed so to speak and heroin came down from Vancouver. Ironically Hell’s Angels cast aside their biker image, donned suits and moved into Canada to become international drug dealers. Much of their supply chain went from British Columbia trough Washington State. Not far behind came Mexican and Central American gangs with their supply of mass produced meth and their own form of heroin. Law enforcement on both sides of the U.S. – Canada border didn’t keep up with the growing problem. In turn drugs became easily available and cheap in the Seattle area.

Along came the consumers – addicts. And with the addicts came their self-supporting crimes and blight. These were not people who had mortgages on their own homes or signed rental agreements they lived up to. These were not people who were evicted from dwellings they took care of. These people had no taxable income and couldn’t care less about the cost of housing. It’s still that way. At the same time law enforcement backed off enforcing drug laws. City and county prosecutors backed off. Politicians increased thresholds for drug violations. Drug crimes and drug related crimes grew exponentially.

With this serious problem local liberal mindset threw gasoline on the fire. “Poor people who are victims!” Especially “poor people without a home of their own!!” People who were once “bums” became “homeless”. Along with the homeless mantra came calls from special interest groups and politicians to put the monkeys on the backs of responsible citizens – taxpayers. Raise taxes and create new taxes to combat homelessness. Millions of tax dollars have been collected for homelessness with no visible signs of accomplishment. The answer – “MORE TAXES!”

Day in and day out city and county electorates come up with new schemes to part taxpayers and their incomes. Just this past week in Seattle:

New taxes for “Homeless”

Uber and Lyft – Increase per ride tax from 24 cents to 75 cents. Branded as “Fare Share” the proposed tax increase is claimed to generate a projected $125 million in tax revenue per annum. $52 million of that would go towards “affordable housing”.

The tax schemes come often and are enacted by local legislators or passed by popular vote at a dizzying rate. So-called homelessness has become a cash cow for city and county government in this area. It has also become a burgeoning enterprise for individuals and groups seeking a piece of the tax pie to support their “virtuous” endeavors. It’s as if the politicians and their entrepreneurial sucker fish clinging to them want to slap the “homeless problem” in voters’ eyes so voters will acquiesce to more demands for money at the polls.

And what about the nexus of the problem – illegal drugs? Those in power choose methadone clinics, “safe” government run injection sites, free hypodermic needles and free Narcan distribution to address that problem.

As all this goes on crime goes up. Local police claim they’re understaffed to meet the problem. An hour listening online to Seattle P.D.’s scanner evenings and mornings paints a different picture. Police are simply caretakers of condoned bedlam. And there sounds to be plenty of cops to do just that.


There's something in the salt air along the entire coast that many people are allergic to. It causes their brains to malfunction in a way that makes them unable to accept responsibility for the dire consequences of their irresponsible actions. They don't see reality, just a rose colored haze that makes those consequences invisible. This allergic affliction victimizes mostly democrats, but in some cases even Republicans have been affected after prolonged exposure.


What do you get when you remove Godly values, wisdom and morality: CALIFORNIA!

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