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October 21, 2019


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The Dumocraps and the Marxists in the MSM will continue to protect her, Biden, Emir Hussein, Kerry, Mueller and the rest of the far left bottom feeders for the next hundred years. Or until the socialist takeover collapses. Besides, there are plenty of deep state socialist judges around to drag this out for eternity.


If Barr hasn’t started handing out indictments before the election, he (DOJ) never will. If Dems get back in power in 2029 it’ll be Trump, Rudy, Pompao, Jordan, and most others in the Trump admin who’ll go to jail.


If she doesn't get wet and melt, or a house doesn't fall on her she'll be around past 2020.


The dems aren't smart enough to realize that their party is imploding. They haven't a clue how to win in 2020 so they're just lashing out in every direction, inside and out, led by their last known leader Hillary Clinton. Anybody got a plan? Anybody even remorely electable? Anybody a good enough actor/actress to sound convincing when you say you love America first? I didn't think so.


Someone hasn't been taking her Lydia Pinkham

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