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October 26, 2019


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Its the job of the DOJ to come up with the "evidence" against the dem perps. Hannity's job is to inform and entertain a ray of hope that the perps may actually get prosecuted - as opposed to the alternative, such as HRC's email destruction or the real cause of the Benghazi murders. Hannity is doind his job if you hear what he's saying instead of listening to "diatribe."


I “hear” what Hannity, Solomon, Carter and also Fitton say all the time. “Evidence” is a word the latter three repeatedly salt into their comments and the host repeats. Yet their “evidence” just doesn’t go anywhere. Dies on the vine. Solomon has a very long history doing this as he’s worked for one media outlet to the next.

Preaching to the choir about “the job of DOJ”. It will be interesting when Horowitz’s report is released and eventually Durham’s investigation unfolds. Interesting to see how much past “Breaking News!” coincides with what DOJ confirms and moves forward with.

Too bad the public doesn’t have another Jack Anderson in its collective corner now. Now there’s someone who knew how to sniff out and report real “Breaking News!” Breaking news that produced something – not just the same sing-song repeated night after night to entertain.


I like Hannity because he explains what's going on and why. But my favorite is Tucker Carlson because he's smarter and has more penetrating insight. He also gets more interesting guests.


I keep hoping Hannity is onto something big and substantiated, but he just keeps repeating his lists of democrat misdeeds to (as of yet) no avail. After 3 years of hammering away at Comey, Smirk, Paige, Mueller, Hillary’s quid pro quo’s and endless list of crimes; no MSM outlet touches it. If any of the dem perpetrators get indicted I’ll be the most surprised guy in the country. The media wants only to get rid of Trump and absolutely nothing else is worth their time.


Sean Hannity is my least favorite commentator on Fox. Too much overblown sensationalism.


I’ve noted that someone has started using my “Legion” alias. That’s ok.

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