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November 30, 2019


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In these PC times networks must appeal to the LBGTQ crowd or face criticism that will affect the bottom line. The deep sonorous voices of yesteryear, like Clayton Moore, just scare sensitive members of the LGBTQ crowd. They don't hear the words, they just feel the fright. The poor babies need to hear the reassuring squeeky voice of a transgender, or the contralto voice of a lesbian momma lion. The big change is that homosexual conduct is no longer a felony and homosexuals are free to rub it in your face.


The LGBT groups have amassed a tremendous amount of power by means of “progressive” democrat libs who control all entertainment outlets, not to mention our educational indoctrination system. The power they now possess used to belong to a moral, conservative, religion based culture. Those qualities and culture no longer exist, much like the once great America no longer exists.


Trump is dragging many of us back to normalcy, slowly but surely. He hasn't been catering to the LGBT group and I don't think he will. Trump has the support of tens of millions of gun owners, thanks to Obama and the dems. It used to be mostly hunters, but now its mostly people who are afraid of losing their freedoms. That scares the hell out of the panty-waisted libs.

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