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December 18, 2019


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The analogy of an indictment is going too far. There is no crime alleged. It is NOTHING! No meat, just vegan hopes. Just like the dems' policies and plans. Next they'll try to stretch out the "trial" to maximize their smearing of the president. They are so DESPERATE and PANICKED it is a delight to watch. Like watching the goings-on in the big tent of a Barnum and Bailey circus. They're the clowns and we howl with delight as they stub their toes and fall all over each other. More, more!


Pelosi confirmed your thought, Rook, regarding stretching things out. Schumer howling about what the majority in Senate must do, given how his comrades in the House handled things, is a scene right out of "Hellzapoppin' ".

Mark Levin went along with one of my latest mullings. At the top of the jackass party's bed-wetting nightmares is Trump appointing yet another SCOTUS Associate Justice. So little time - so much to try and sabotage - is creating a lot of sleepless nights for "progressives" as Nov 03, 2020 keeps coming.


And the best part was the vavoso (look it up in the Mex - Eng dictionary) Lou Correa rattling on for his California homies in their language of choice. ¡CELEBRATING! diversity in our nation's house. Bring on the piñatas and donkey show.


You give yourself away, Marine!


And the media, our guardians of the public trust from treasonist, dishonest and/or unqualified politicians ( ie Dumocrats ) are supporters of the slime they are to protect us from.


Get out your popcorn. 2020 is going to be one helluva year.


Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi aren't just insane liars, they're downright EVIL!

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