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January 09, 2020


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What's really weird is that they hate us. We are Satan's progeny. We are the notorious infidels of the Qur'an. Thwy don't want to live among us, they want to replace us. The same thing is happening in every Western country - invasion! Slow and silent, but just as effective as an armed invasion. They have bragged about how in fifty years they will be in control of all the Western nations and all other religions will be outlawed. Gullible Americans can't see that Islam is incompatible with Democracy and Christian values, so they should not be allowed to emigrate here.


#1; Islam is not a spiritual religion. It is an ideological “religion” (islamism) with one goal: To make the entire world an Islamic empire. All who won’t convert will be enslaved and murdered. It’s been their script ever since the so-called prophet beheaded his first infidel. Our country should not only deny them to immigrate, we should prohibit the practice of Islamism anywhere in the US. You can bet when they gain total control, the practice of all today’s legitimate religions will be forbidden and enforced by massive slaughter.


Per US data, it cost taxpayers $100B to support 606k refugees 2004-2014. This grows to $126B if you include spouses & children. Wash Examiner says for the first 5 years (after resettlement) it costs $79.6K per refugee per year. And they hate us!!


Praise be to Allah for EBT cards!


Now is the time for wholesale deportations of Muslims, starting with Ilhan Omar.


We’d better deport Muslims before they exile us to that “vast beyond”.


Question: How many Muslim "refugees" are living off US taxpayers?

Answer: TOO MANY!

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