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March 09, 2020


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John W.

Hard to believe, but Rassmussen shows Biden beating Trump by six points. How much of the fallout from the coronavirus will be blamed on Trump is the question. The other question is how bad will the economy go and how long will it last. The economy was Trump's biggest achievement.


Biden will self-destruct. He won't be able to hide his dementia long enough to get thru the election. He may even do it in time for Sanders to win the nomination. But in either case Trump will have a big, overwhelming victory.


The media will be relentless in connecting the virus (the sick and the dying) to Trump. If the ravages of disease lasts very long, the liberal networks, news print, and well known socialist elites (ie Hollywood) will never relent not quit their propaganda campaigns. This can definitely change the minds of voters. Especially if the economy starts taking a beating

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