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March 03, 2020


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Yes, it is a freedom of speech issue. However, as with criminal justice, conservatives and Christians don't appear to have the right to freedom of speech. Only the democrats, leftists, socialists, atheists, criminals and journalists enjoy such rights. Conservatives as a whole are just too polite or apathetic to fight for it. That will change during Trump's second term.


I can't wait for Trump's second term, when the gloves come off and conservatives can get to work fixing this nation.


The attacks on Pence for praying over his newest responsibilities directing virus response pretty much sums up the fomenting secular establishment.


The press that benefits most from the First Amendment does the least to protect the free speech of individuals, especially conservatives. They pander to the left against conservatives because it enables them to sell more newspapers and air time. How difficult would it be for Antifa to bully conservative speakers off of campuses if the media slammed them for doing it? The media could put an end to the bullying, but they CHOOSE not to for the sake of money. It must be the money because the media isn't supposed to have an ideology, right?


The media is the main part of the Marxist coup. Their goal is to sit at the table of power in a 1-party gov’t where they can control all the power and money of the one-time greatest country ever conceived by by man and God.


Hope the “no clue” far left millennials enjoy trying to survive in what’s left of the greatest country ever conceived by God and man.

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