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March 22, 2020


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This corona virus attacks the lungs in a novel and terrifying way, like a weaponized virus. It's no coincidence that China's Military Biochemical Research Center is located at Wuhan. Could this be a clandestine "first strike" by China to gain world dominance? One and a half billion people is a big edge already. As the rest of the world grapples with the contagion, China announces NO NEW INFECTIONS at Wuhan. Could the Chinese military have already prepared a defense against their own viral weapon? Will they gain dominance in world economics by withholding medications from us?


It's perfectly obvious that the Chinese military developed the Covid-19 (our name for it) specifically to disrupt world economies. They may have had an accident and let it out prematurely, but that may weigh in our favor. We must now plan an appropriate retribution. We probably should implement it clandestinely, but it'll get done if Trump is in charge. I predict that the economy of China is going to take a BIG hit.


Just a few weeks ago when the Chinese virus first appeared in Italy media touted “Not to worry. Italy is the second best health system in the world and thanks to their superior socialized medical system will be the leader in dealing with it” or something like that. Well it looks like Italy’s medical system turned out to be a Fiat. Yes, that loveable car which is an acronym for Fix It Again Tony. And today word is coming out of that Fiat medical system lacking ventilators is telling patients aged sixty and older “No ventilator for you”. Ah, words that bring socialist health care proponents to the highest state of euphoria. Better than a hit of amyl nitrite. Just ask Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel.

Forsyth, le Carré, Chrichton and Erdman combined could not come up with a better, or more diabolical, plot. However thanks to the majority of worldwide media no book is necessary. Horror stories abound and spread at the speed of light. Besides, who would be able to run the printing press and distribute any book? And if it’s not “Breaking NEWS!” or a TV sitcom there’s no audience for the masses of TP and Mountain Dew hoarders. Anyone else see the video of that cute couple stocking up on Mountain Dew? But I digress…..

It is not, I repeat NOT, some crazy right-wing gun grabbing and Bible carrying form of hysteria to consider a plot to use pestilence as a weapon and conquer by doing so. It’s nothing new. Victor Davis Hanson, as he so often does, recently called upon historical fact to compare to a current event. His March 5 “The World’s Reaction to the Wuhan Coronavirus” is not screed from a sensationalist:


The Deep State is deeper than anyone ever imagined. And it’s not just a state – it’s as global as Coca-Cola.

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