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April 07, 2020


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Sorry Peter but we’ve got more important things to worry about. Kennedy arts center; planned parenthood, climate change; keeping unions solvent; ongoing impeachment; redistribution of wealth; and providing free stuff for useless members of the Duh Generation (millennials). We can’t be bothered with little things like the ChiCom global takeover, even if it does spell complete destruction of the (once) free world. I must admit it would be fun watching our millennials trying to survive in a total communist government.


Yes, the PRC is aggressively pushing forward with their long range plans to control the world politically, socially, militarily and economically. In other words the whole kit and caboodle. What a windfall they have stumbled upon the past few months and weeks. And I use “stumbled” tongue in cheek as I wonder how to say “carpe diem” in Mandarin.

But move over Rothschild and Bilderberg conspiracy theorists. There’s a new player in town. A new player that came on the scene not that many decades ago. A new player that has an adoring audience. Adoration as displayed with his latest appearance on a late night comedy/”news”/?? TV show. And that player is Bill Gates.

Gates is now being lauded for his 2015 “prediction” of a pandemic. Hmm, didn’t George Bush do the same in 2005? But then Bush didn’t provide gizmos and gadgets to appease tech hungry masses. W only provided a punching bag.

Gates has been more and more aggressively expounding his opinion vaccines are the answer to all the world’s health issues. With the likes of Dr. Fauci sitting as an adviser to Gates through the Gates Foundation I begin to wonder why early on Fauci was so opposed to treatment with hydroxychloroquine? Why is Gates sermonizing a prophylactic through vaccine as the answer – not a pill?

Sure I’m missing the big picture when I question what do Gates and his friends such as Warren Buffett foresee with Gates rushing to build a reported seven facilities for development of a COVID vaccine. Gates has gone on record stating perhaps just two of those facilities may actually produce a vaccine. But he waves off any losses as chump change in vaccine development. Vaccine development – another term for staggering profits. And those profits have the potential of being massive. Much more to gain with a new wonder drug than some tried and true cheap pill that’s readily available across the planet.

Makes me wonder why Gates is now saying we must immediately go into a national lockdown. Does he want to see more economic pain and suffering to further his ambitions and gains?

So much for my soap box. Need to get back to re-reading “The Constant Gardner” to get my mind off villainous bastards in global politics and global pharmaceuticals playing with people’s lives for profits.


It hasn't been determined, as far as I know, whether this virus was engineered or occurred naturally. Is it possible to engineer a virus and make it appear to be a natural occurrence?

If it was engineered, would that constitute an enemy attack worthy of military retaliation? If so, should it be nuclear or viral?

We have already justified seizing Chinese assets and converting our debts to China. Isn't that a prelude to retaliation?


I don't believe a nuclear response is justified. Nor is a viral response, we don't want to unleash any more lethal virus than they have done already. But I can see grabbing all their assets and marking all our debts to them as "paid in full."


U.S. Biological Warfare teams are already hard at work developing treatments and cures for new generations of corona virus and other SARS type contagions that will surely confront us in the future. Vaccines will be difficult because of the mutating abilities of the virus. We must be ready for whatever the Chinese military throws at us in future attacks. Our best defense would be to bring them to their knees economically, which might convince them that developing biological warfare agents is not good for China's economy.

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