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April 26, 2020


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It doesn't make any sense, which is why they're having all these protests. Sequestrate the elderly and unhealthy, and put the rest back to work.


As an “elderly” I don’t wish for the govt to determine what shud be done with me. I’m still active, productive and useful. I’m not ready to be “junked” so the govt can continue to support the younger and the useless welfare leeches who never contribute anything.

John W.

In light of recent revelations about a large number of natural deaths being attributed to the coronavirus, it has brought the seriousness of this epidemic into question. Now, no one can trust the statistics.


All these protests tell a story. Power hungry politicians have over-reached their authority under the U.S. Constitution and the people are fighting back. It's no coincidence that guns and ammo stores remain open and sales have gone through the roof. There's only one way to confront fascism.


Politicians will do whatever puts money in their pockets. Like from China for example

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