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April 19, 2020


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China can absorb more punishment than we would ever want to dish out. I expect that we'll choose regime change as the answer.


Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Sink their navy and their man made islands. Their evil empire must be throttled.


#1 is to prohibit CCPcompanies from owning property or businesses within America. From what I’ve read, that’s how they got 100k people inside Italy. A communist country should have zero power to enfluence our free market system nor our economy. Neither should American companies be allowed to manufacture in China. They are an enemy who steals our technology to use against us.


When I mention prohibiting China from owning property or businesses in America I’m often reminded how that would raise retail prices. My retort is: what has Covid-19 cost us? We shud be “out teching” our enemies, not giving them free access to steal it. Also it shud be a crime for our politicians to take money from any foreign country, company or oliogarch. (sp)

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