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May 29, 2020


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Same old story. Cop kills black man in the line of duty. Protestors turn out to protest. Black gangbangers seize the opportunity to turn the protest into a full blown riot. Repeat.


What's new here is that the cop looks guilty. There was no good reason to keep his knee on the guy's neck for so long. Once the resistance stops, the cop is supposed to stop. But that don't justify burning down the city and stealing everything in sight. Shame on them for disrespecting the victim by turning the protest into an opportunity to steal and put many businesses out of business, thus costing the neighborhood much needed jobs.


If you want to stop the violent rioting and looting, snipers must be deployed to take out the leaders and instigators. After the first two or three are thrown to the ground, the rest will either leave or cower in place. No leaders would step up if they knew they would die.


If a cop sees a terrorist setting fires, kidnapping women, setting patrol cars on fire, beating somebody or committing any other felonious crime; why is he not allowed to stop it, even if it means firing his weapon? I remember a time when if an officer said halt or I’ll shoot, you’d darn well better stop.

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