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June 08, 2020


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When other races have grievances they don't take to the streets looting and assaulting and murdering. It's only the blacks who have done that. Los Angeles 1965 riots, Detroit 1967 riots, Los Angeles again in 1992, etc. It didn't work those other times and it won't work this time. They over play their hand every time and they don't learn from their mistakes, generation after generation. George Floyd shouldn't have been killed by that officer, but he was not the saint they're making him out to be. He was a petty criminal they were trying to arrest and he resisted being arrested. It went bad and he died. Those are the facts we know today. We'll hear the rest in court at the officer's trial. That's how most people see it and that's the reason all this rioting and looting and murdering isn't going to change anything, except how the rest of the population views blacks. And that hasn't improved one bit.


Quoting Fox News' Deroy Murdock, "The left celebrates violence." He is right, of course. It is only too obvious. It is also too obvious that this fact is ignored by the media other than Fox News. Don't they care about all the minority owned businesses destroyed in the left's orgy of violence? Don't they care about all the innocent people of every race that were rendered unemployed by the violence, arson and shooting? Don't they care about all the poor people who now have no place to buy necessities? The answer is no, they don't care. Smoldering ruins and dead bodies sell air time and newspapers. The people "inconvenienced" by it are not newsworthy. That's an inconvenient fact.


I would like to believe the Democrats are in disarray, but President Trump's poll numbers are slipping and Biden is picking up support. I can't believe how many people have signed on to BLM's agenda. God help us if Trump loses in November.

Old Soldier

The liberal left progressives are using the vicious deliberate murder of a criminal to promote the deliberate, hate-filled subversion and destruction of our civilization. It's not really about race. The allegation of racism is a deliberate misdirection, deliberate distraction to recast in racist terms the same old communist Class Warfare rhetoric of the Cold War era. But the young people of today have no knowledge of history. If they did, they would recognize Class Warfare when it rears it's ugly, unattached head. Communists and socialists fomented the riots and general uprisings of the sixties, just as they are at work today. And for the young people of today, ignorance is bliss.

Classic Senior

Does anyone remember Angela Davis? Or the SLA? Or the Watts Riots? Or all the "peaceful" protests of the Vietnam War? There is nothing going on here that hasn't already been done. These morons just never studied history.

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