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June 23, 2020


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I see no end to lawlessness. It certainly isn't coming from the liberal who run these cities. I'm surprised we haven't seen the vigilantes come out and take care of these rioters, but I guess they don't make them like they used to.


There are twenty million hunters in this country and they're almost all Republicans - or at least conservative independents. The crazy Marxists running this circus don't have a prayer of achieving their goals of cancelling our culture and ending democracy. There would have been action already if not for the fact that the riots and destruction and take over of land is occurring in Democratic cities. The conservatives have no sympathy for the addle-brained voters who put these imbeciles in office. When the Marxists of BLM and Antifa try something in Coeur d'Alene or Salt Lake City, watch what happens.


Is BLM a charity? Where does the hundreds of millions in donations go? This is a criminal enterprise comparable to the cartels. The people who actually run it are getting rich and their underlings are getting arrested for petty crimes by comparison. Take a look at who incorporated BLM and where. Does anyone know? It's a sham front for a major fraud.


Whites, of course, are branded as racists simply for being white.
Gee, that is not racism.
Whites, of course, are said to benefit from white privilege simply for being white.
Gee, that is not racism.
Whites, of course, are guilty of willful ignorance if they question the claims of white racism, white privilege and other assertions without a shred of supporting evidence.
Gee, that is not racism.
Whites, of course, are condemned as racists simply for pointing out the disparate BAD impact on black people of these and other Democrat policies and practices.
Gee, that is not racism, either.
What is NOT racist?
Throwing around charges of white racism, white guilt, white privilege, white willful ignorance, etc., bombastic charges long on vacuous generalities, no specifics, no actionable specifics, not even personal anecdotes, full of anger and invectives.
Oh no no, that’s not racist....


The #1 cause of the civil war was not slavery, but rather the huge textile industries of New England states and England. 40% of England’s exports were related to textiles (cotton). Obviously the demand for cotton by NE states for their textile industry and exports to England was growing rapidly. At the same time in the South cotton gins and share cropping was slowly replacing a need for slaves. It was also significantly raising cotton costs, which infuriated the US textile industry. Verbal arguments and threats intensified between the NE and the South. To complicate the situation the textile industry was rapidly moving to the south. This is important information ignored by today’s anarchists. Worth your time to research.


PS: when the Union threatened to send Union troops to control the cotton industry, southern leaders voted to secede from the Union and form their own gov’t. They weren’t going to let Yankee carpetbaggers tell them what they could charge for their cotton. Thus the CSA was born. When the Union sent troops anyway, the war began..

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