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June 02, 2020


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I had felt only anger at what happened to George Floyd. But now I feel ashamed that I didn't see the obvious politicization of a noble cause and the manipulation of the cause into a tool to attack police, destroy businesses and cast aspersions on the President. It is so obvious and yet I didn't see it. I wonder how many of the "innocent" protesters also didn't see it and how many didn't want to see it. What a tragedy and it's still going on. It's time to stop the protests and leave the criminals in the open so the police can more easily cope with them.


There seems to be no end to the rioting, and worse there doesn't appear to be mayor or politician other than Trump willing to put a stop to it. Most are seeing how far they can genuflect to accommodate the rioters. Meanwhile, there will be another night of burning and looting and killing. What the hell are they waiting for. If they don't do something soon, city officials will be picking through the ashes of their cities and screaming for federal help. That would be our money. My disgust mounts each day as I watch the mainstream media selling this crap to the public.


Now that the charges against Chauvin have been upgraded to Murder 2, and accessory to murder 2 has been charged to the other three former officers, it's time to also charge the "peaceful" protesters with accessory to rioting, looting, arson and murder for assisting Antifa in their many criminal activities.


Odd, but I have not heard one word about the black security guard was was shot and killed by rioting scum. guess he must have been a republican who voted for trump.


This "insurrection" has so many moving parts. Blacks doing their all too familiar protesting and rioting after one of their brothers dies at the hand of a white policeman. Next, young white liberals who actually think they are doing something positive by joining the protests. Third, the white thugs who want their share of the looting and anything antipolice. Fourth, the gutless politicians who think the way to peace is through unconditional appeasement, not realizing there will be no end to the demands. Fifth, and most important the identity of the puppeteers who are pulling the strings on all of these "spontaneous demonstrations." This situation is clearly being orchestrated with substantial funding and detailed planning. Example, the rioting in London tells me that ANTIFA has aligned themselves with the communists. This is only the beginning.

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