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July 23, 2020


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The spread of Chinese investments throughout the world, but especially in the Caribbean and the US, should ring alarm bells all over the place.


They are also spreading the virus of communism in America. The BLM people have publicly admitted they are Marxists following the communist manifesto. The violence in Portland and Seattle is right out of the communist manifesto. The democrats have embraced it as a means to get power back and to keep it permanently. They have picked a malleable and weak person in Biden so that their Marxists can use him as a puppet to accomplish their goals. This is the most important election in U.S. history.


Today the FBI announced that another Chinese researcher they want is holed up in the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco. Are we going to see another Consulate closed and all the spies and saboteurs evicted? There was also a report this morning that Chinese Consular officials have been maintaining communication with the Antifa thugs in Portland and in other cities. If that is true, we may see ALL Chinese consulates and their embassy closed permanently.

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