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July 25, 2020


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I quit watching NFL when the kaperdickhead kneeling started. Now that it’s spread to college and even high school players, I’m done with them too. I may have played football several years ago; I’m also a veteran. We need to reinstate the draft; get these emerging thugs off the streets and teach them some respect, patriotism, discipline and manners.


Good idea, Ernie. Reinstating the Draft is the best remedy for most of this country's problems. You can't throw rocks and bottles at police officers if you're busy doing pushups in boot camp. Let them talk trash just once to a DI and they'll learn real fast to respect authority.


Dreams of another draft are just dreams. What these guys need is some serious prison time. They'd probably all come out as esteemed members of the LGBTQ society.


Major League sports offered minorities many opportunities, fame, money, and respect. There is always a few who get the idea they can do anything and still retain all of these things that they had attained. I think more and more people have ceased caring about these guys when they started acting out. I used to enjoy a good game on TV, but I'm done. I no longer see athletes on the field, just overpaid gangbangers.


Ruwanna:, if they weren’t LGBT members going into prison, they might be coming out.

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