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July 29, 2020


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I would not be opposed for using snipers to take out anarchists in the act of setting fires or purposely endangering someone’s life. (Stabbing, shooting or savagely beating someone)


Course if a cop kills a black in the act of stabbing someone, the cries of police brutality will fill the air. The mob will no doubt demand the cop be tried for murder.


It's about time somebody came up with a practical and legal solution for dealing with Antifa anarchists and BLM Marxists who assault our government officers and property. Deal me in.


Snipers seem rather drastic, but there may be no other way to deter these idiots from committing their mayhem.


It's clear that once the politicians fail to back their police the vacuum is immediately filled by the anarchists and criminals. It makes one wonder if there are any conservatives left in Portland.

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