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August 15, 2020


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Remember those kids sitting in the store shopping cart screaming, crying and throwing a fit while their parents stood by and did nothing? Well, those kids have grown up.


I was somewhat surprised to read that Antifa got its start in Portland. No wonder it just keeps going and going. I hope the feds has infiltrated it. I would love to see some Rico indictments.


They needed a good ass whoopin' when they were kids. Come to think of it, it's not too late. Carry on, officers.

John W.

Portland's politicians haven't learned the lesson that a retired Army Sgt. told me about. He said there was a saying he learned from his commander: "Don't let them pee in your pocket; they might want to pee in the other one.


Now the Anteaters and BurnLootMurder scumbags are threatening a 50 day siege of the White House. If Trump won’t let them destroy federal courthouse in Portland; what do you think he’ll do if they attack the WH and Capitol? He won’t rely just on tear gas.


This will be the story of the boy who bit off more than he could chew!
The WH is protected by Delta Force operatives who will mix with the Antifa in plain clothes and take them out one at a time. They will be taken to GITMO as terrorists and their individual military tribunal trials will be set sometime in 2030.

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