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September 16, 2020


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If you ever needed a reason to defeat the entire Dem Party, Norm and Soros would be a good place to start. If Trump, the House and the Senate go blue, America will become a quick fading memory. Our educational system has already converted drug infested millennials from patriots to revolutionary America haters, so as Boomers die away the transition will be quick and easy.


Revolutionaries screaming for justice? How about they’ll be the decade that has to try and figure out how to survive in the one-Party authoritarian Marxist gov’t they created. Now THATS real justice!


I believe there are still enough young Americans to put up a good fight. Hard working blue collar NRA members and hunters will make short work of those pathetic gun hating pansies of the democratic party. And our America loving military would be right there with them. But it'll never happen because Trump's going to win in a landslide.


I think this election may show how smart or stupid the voters are in this country. I have a feeling were in for a bumpy ride beginning on November 3rd.

Paco bird

We’ll be alright until all the mail-in Biden ballots get counted. And all the Trump mail-in ballots mysteriously come up missing. Both of them.


We had better get a new Justice appointed immediately so that the democrats don't have a chance to mess it up. Since we know they would get rid of the filibuster rule if they won, why don't we just do it now and save a lot of time?

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