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September 18, 2020


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Love her or hate her, the recent RBG history proves that “lifetime appointments” should be ended. In recent years she became nothing more than a Democrat vote. Does anyone believe the Dems will leave Sleepy Joe in the Oval Office when they have a far left Kamalala ready to take his place? Never happen. He’ll be gone so quick he won’t even know what happened.


If Biden were to win, he says he'd nominate Michelle Obama to fill RBG's seat on the SCOTUS. All the more reason that Trump MUST win. Obama is a less than mediocre lawyer with a below average intellect. It would be a farce to name her to the SCOTUS.


I wonder if the Democrats would so the same thing as the Republicans if the shoe were on the other foot. Hell yes!


Does anyone see the irony of RBG leaving a message to her family, saying Trump should abrogate his Constitutional responsibility and not appoint a replacement during his term?


Leo; the short answer is yes; the long answer is hell yes!


RBG never said that. Another radical left LIE. These "people" truly have no shame.

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