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September 03, 2020


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Timing is everything, Ernie, when it comes to politics. Trump knows that if Biden gets elected all the investigations go away. So, he's banking on a slew of indictments of high ranking democrats and Deep State operators just before the election - a nail in the coffin. Barr is a very astute prosecutor, so you can count on him to deliver the goods on time and under budget.


The left started leveling charges against Trump over 3 years ago, and was able to indict and convict most of them. Not only that, but they managed to impeach the president! Instead of filing indictments now, Barr is going to try and time it to insure a Trump victory? If Barr started indicting now we might start getting convictions or pleas almost immediately. Why take a chance that Pelosi and company will unleash another round of impeachment inquiries, or some other witch-hunt, before Barr lowers the boom. It’s time to reward Trump supporters and show some fire in the belly.


There are enough coup conspirators involved that if Barr started arresting them now (ala the Stone arrest), I doubt they could get all the charges filed by Nov1. Its for sure if Biden wins, and the legal process hasn’t begun before the inauguration, It will never happen. And once again the Dems will skate away with smiles on their faces, and book deals in their pockets.


I hope Rook is right about the timing of any indictments. Maybe we will have an October surprise.


My Republican Party is suffering from what I call, the Lindsay Graham Syndrome. “Talk talk talk about how you’re going to take names and kick butts, then do nothing.” If anyone really believes these RINOs are going to stand up and lower the boom on these democrat Marxist crooks, traitors and liars, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’ll sell you real cheap.


You're right, Legion. I expect AG Barr to start indicting RINOs any day now. He should start with Romney and work his way through the Senate first, then the House. Chew em up and spit em out.


Durham was quoted as saying he didn’t want to release his report til after the election in order to avoid political favoritism. Hey Durham! It’s been political ever since the Dums unleashed their Russia Russia Russia lies in 2016. It’s been nothing but political! You think the Dums did anything to avoid the look of


Durham’s top aide just unexpectedly resigned. No explanation given, she just walked out. Rumors are aplenty but nothing concrete that I’ve found. One theory that seems reasonable is she thought the investigation was too political.


Right. The coup attempt against Trump wasn’t political, but the investigation into the people who administered the coup is. Sounds about right for DC leftwing logic.

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