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October 04, 2020


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How would electric vehicles in the tens of millions get their power? Our grid suffers brownouts and blackouts as is. The extra drain of all those vehicles would crash it down around our ears. It's inconceivable that there could ever be enough solar panels, windmills or any other stupid, unscientific ideas that could ever generate sufficient electricity, period.


You buy a large capacity gas fired generator. You put it on a utility trailer and pull it behind your electric vehicle, such as the F150, capable of towing the trailer. Now you can charge your electric vehicle anywhere, any time, without relying on the grid. It could also charge your house during a blackout.


If our enemies set off munitions that destroysour electricity grid, shutting down everything that operates on juice, wud that keep Pelosi locked in her house, and melt all her elitist chocolate ice cream?


What will they power the electric power plants with? Coal, natural gas, wood chips or solar panels? They’re going to save the world by eliminating gas engines, while digging more coal mines and/or drilling for more natural gas? And these obvious Ivy Leaguers are running the Democrat Party?


Is the rest of the world going green? Especially China, India, Iran and France? No way! And if they won't go green, it would be a futile effort for the USA to do so.


I suppose we will eventually go solar electric, but as I see it it isn't going to work until they have much more efficient solar cells.

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