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November 06, 2020


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The question now is what are we going to do about it? The democrats declared war on all things conservative after Trump beat Clinton. They were still waging their war when they contrived together to mail out tens of millions of ballots, hoping somebody, anybody, would fill them out for Biden. Then it's easy to keep the observers at bay while you sift through the mail-in ballots and throw out any that aren't for Biden. Why else would they have felt compelled to print and mail out all those blank ballots? The democrats have always acted this way. How else could they come back into power with a record like Trump's? I just can't believe there are that many morons voting. Now, will conservatives finally step up and wage war on the liberals?


The FBI had the goods on Biden and son for a year and didn't do a thing with it. You think they're going to investigate the election? Fagetaboutit, it's over.


After three years Bill Barr couldn't get his own Justice Dept. to bring indictments before the election against a multitude of FBI, DOJ and Intel community conspirators who spent the entire three years CONTINUING to attack Trump on a daily basis. Now it's too late. Barr could've made a difference, but he chose to abdicate his responsibility. I suspect he is among the legions of Republicans who just don't like Trump, even if he is good for the country.


All the leftist coup participants can now slip-side away yet again. Hillary, Biden’s, Comey, FBI traitors, Shiff4brains, Pelosi and all the rest of the excrement elites win again. And the biggest coup attempt of all, election fraud, has worked. After 4 years of trying to get rid of Trump with lies upon lies, they finally caught the brass ring. The communists have won. No more fracking; strong economy, growth, fossil fuels, police nor pride in the America. Antifa, BLM, and other “death to America” groups; better fill those gas cans, build those bombs, and make ready to invade the privileged white suburbs.


All of these supposed investigations with promises of indictments came to nought. Our only hope is to make sure we support the Republican senate race in Georgia. God help us.


As an old cartoon character used to say, "What a revolting development," but as Gunny says, what can we do about it. If we control the Senate, I suppose we could have hearings wherein each state would have to lay out their vote counting procedures in detail. Those states with major defects would at least have the public spotlight shone on their corruption. Of course, only Fox would air it.

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