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November 02, 2020


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Back in the day, looters and arsonists would be shot on the spot. Society, as a whole, can't withstand months of violence without responding violently. Today's spoiled brat anarchist is tomorrow's tyrant. I have what I need for an appropriate response, if required to stop tyranny in it's tracks and to defend the Republic and our great Constitution "...against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC." BRING BACK THE DRAFT AND PUT THEM ALL IN BOOT CAMP!


If ammo is going to be scarce, don't waste any of it. Be cool and think it through.


Ballot box stuffing has been around for over a hundred years, Many instances of it, such as the Kennedy-Nixon race. In those many instances of ballot box stuffing, it has been democrats doing the stuffing in each and every instance. That's right, 100% of the time. See if you can Google it; I doubt it!


The draft should be reinstated. It’s about the only place where worthless young illiterates can learn about discipline, patriotism, valor, democracy and being a “real man”. They’d also get to shoot guns, fly planes, drive tanks, and best of all, kill people. (The armed enemies of our country). The only problem is they’d have to live according to their gender. No getting up and deciding whether I’ll wear my uniform, or a dress. Our millennials need to learn these essentials.

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