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November 22, 2020


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I think the party is over. A few fraudulent votes here and there isn't going to impress any court. If Trump's people could prove the voting machines were rigged, then he might have something. If he has something, fine. If he doesn't it's time to exit gracefully.


It’s over. Giuliani can continue his traveling minstrel show. All Giuliani can do now is show the world where that pudgy ADD afflicted kid of his from years back got his genes from. Fitton, Solomon and Carter? Proven liars more so each and every day. Where have their “breaking news” FOIA revelations ever landed? Never on-target.

Then there’s strap or buckle yourself in Hannity - whatever. Strap and buckle for what? Keep yapping about how many years you’ve known Trump and the bars you swept as a kid. BFD.

It’s over. No more “Sleepy Joe!” or “LOCK HER UP!” shouting. The group that was pandered to with that provided no new votes.

Time to address the middle class of all races and backgrounds who appreciate and respect what they have earned and want to preserve.

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